/Ben Greenfields Indispensable Daily Habits, Favorite Books, Top Quotes, Best Biohacking Tips & Much, Much More!

Ben Greenfields Indispensable Daily Habits, Favorite Books, Top Quotes, Best Biohacking Tips & Much, Much More!

Recently, I agreed to do an interview for a magazine called Biohackers Update, and they sent over questions in advance.

Now, they were pretty intriguing and adventurous questions.

So interesting, in fact, were the questions, that I decided to turn the entire interview into a podcast for you…and I think you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

The magazine, like I mentioned, is called the Biohackers Update, and it’s the first magazine specifically about biohacking and self-optimization. Biohackers Update is committed to bringing readers all of the important updates from the world biohacking community while sharing positive tips, tricks, and trends for self-improvement. With a focus on scientific studies, statistics, and data science, the content in Biohackers Update is based on methodical approaches and validated information (which you know I appreciate).

Because I really enjoyed answering the questions for this interview, I thought it would be kind of nice to share a collection of my replies in long-form audio, or what I affectionally call a “solosode.” The questions spanned topics from advice for a pandemic-stricken world, to my updated daily routine, to my favorite quotes and book. We also talk about what is most probably most top-of-mind for me right now, which is the rebranding of Ben Greenfield Fitness into Ben Greenfield Life, the mission of Ben Greenfield Life, and how this shift aligns with my own ultimate purpose.

So, a big thanks to Biohackers Update for the inspiration for this episode, and feel free to knock yourself out with comprehensive show notes below.

In this solosode, you’ll discover:

Biohackers Update magazine…06:20

-Ben’s ultimate mission in life…07:20

  • “Everyone, every business, every family should have a mission or purpose statement…”
  • Pass onto your children something tangible to live by, and to share with their children
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness will soon be rebranded!
  • Ben Greenfield Life Mission Statement

-Ben’s history with biohacking…17:00

-Ben’s approach to healing, and how it differs from a conventional approach…28:15

-A few of Ben’s favorite quotes…39:50

-Ben’s favorite books…42:10

-Who is someone you look up to the most and why?…49:55

-If you could tell someone a simple method/element that they could add to their life that would change them for the better, what would it be and why?….52:40

-Ben’s indispensable practices each day…56:50

-What advice do you have for the pandemic-stricken world?…1:06:03

-“Beyond Industrial Medicine” by Charles Eisenstein…

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Biohackers Update Magazine

Beyond Industrial Medicine by Charles Eisenstein

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