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November 28, 2019 | More from Antioxidants, Weight Loss, Yoga

Whole30 Cofounder Melissa Urban On How a Better Relationship With Food Can Improve Mental Health

Even though Whole30 started as an eating plan, there’s much more than just food on your blog, podcast, and Instagram

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August 19, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Waist size is a forgotten factor in defining obesity

A new study finds that some people considered to be a normal weight could unknowingly be at high risk for

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August 17, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Extra weight in 60s may be linked to brain thinning years later

Having a bigger waistline and a high body mass index (BMI) in your 60s may be linked with greater signs

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August 14, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Daily Snap & This Week’s Menu

Hi all! How was your weekend? Our weekend was actually pretty good. I am super excited I continued my losing

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August 12, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Evolutionary gene loss may help explain why only humans are prone to heart attacks

Scientists say the loss of a single gene two to three million years ago in our ancestors may have resulted

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August 11, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Sesame Peanut Noodle Salad

Hi all! How was your Tuesday? My day definitely started off a lot better than yesterday after a bit of

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August 07, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Turn it around…

Happy Monday all! I have to confess that today started out like such a Monday but finished on such a

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August 05, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Beyoncé Says the 22 Days Nutrition Diet Helped Her Get Back in Shape After Giving Birth

There's only one way to describe Beyoncé's Coachella performance: legendary. The queen has been open about the hard work she put

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August 04, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

This Couple Has Been on the Keto Diet for 6 Years. Here’s How They Stick to It

Dave Harper and Dale Drewery are not only romantic partners, they're keto diet partners as well. In 2013, the couple, who live

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August 04, 2019 | More from Antioxidants

Daily Snap: Make It Work

Happy Monday all! How was your day? I made sure to check off my workout with a 35 minute Start

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