Just give in…

Hi all! How was your day? My day wasn’t one of

Sesame Peanut Noodles for this Thai Chicken salad

Hi all! How was your day? My day wasn’t one of my favorite days but I can say that I am focusing on the positive parts and keeping things real in this post.

This post will probably not be motivating but it’s my reality and sometimes you really need to just give in. That was me today as I am working thru so many things in life at the moment.

My grab and go breakfast – 2 figs and this cottage cheese with peaches (which was actually delicious) – 4 sp.

I had my tall iced nonfat latte (2 sp) on my drive in and 2 hours later 2 Tbsp mixed nuts (3 sp).

On tough days, walking really helps to clear my mind.

I walked an hour at lunch and traded in my Sesame Peanut Noodles for this Thai Chicken salad I was craving (4 sp).

I did have a bit of dutch crunch bread with it (3 sp).

On my drive home, I decided I needed to give in to what I wanted and things that make me happy.

I gave myself a pedicure then headed out to Habit Burger! Salad was not on the agenda.

Yep, you are seeing the correct picture!! I needed to feed my emotions and my taste buds not caring about the points at all!

Can I just say I enjoyed every single bite of this original charburger (no mayo) – 10 sp

And every salty, crispy french fry?! (14 sp)

Definitely worth every extra weekly point it cost me.

Sometimes happiness = delicious food!

As I type my post listening to spa music, I am sipping this Alexander Valley Cabernet….and feeling much better. (4 sp)

40 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints eaten without regret and I can count 16K steps to help offset it a bit.

Tomorrow is a new day and I know it’s going to be much better.

Night all!



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