My WW – Weight Watchers 2020 Programs

Hi all! How are you doing? Before I dive into all

Weight Watchers 2020 programs

Hi all! How are you doing? Before I dive into all the fun facts of the new My WW Program, I wanted to say thank you to all of you for the notes and checking in on me. Although I have not been able to reply to all of them, please know I read every single one and they meant so much to me.

Although Weight Watchers officially kicks off their 2020 Campaign tomorrow, we received all the materials and details in our meeting today. I am a dork and can totally admit that I love this time of year just to have a chance to hit reset on my WW Program and try something new (or not this year).

Here is the lowdown on what you can expect this year.

Fast Facts and how I see the new plans:

  • There are 3 plans (Green, Blue & Purple) can choose from but one of them let’s you keep doing exactly what you have been doing so if change isn’t your thing, don’t fret. More on all 3 plans below.
  • All 3 plans give you the same number of Weekly points, but, daily points will very. The formula to determine your daily points is not changing.
  • You can still carry over up to 4 unused daily points per day to your weekly bank.
  • The Smartpoints calculation does not change. The Fitpoints formula also does not change.
  • The Zero Points list changes depending on which program your using.
  • Everyone’s phone app updates  tonight at midnight eastern time and you’ll have the chance to pick which program you want to do.
  • It’s recommended you give it 2 weeks before changing plans but you can switch as often as you like under settings on your app.
  • Online members are encouraged to attend this week as they will get all the materials plus the program explained (I’ve heard it’s free for one meeting).

The 2020 Weight Watchers printed materials have really been updated which I love even if they are encouraging everyone to embrace the materials online to get the most out of the program.

Here are the handouts they provide and the highlights:

It’s important to know that your daily Smartpoints target is calculated just the same as it was before and the food Smartpoints formula is the same.

The 3 plans are color coded and very similar to the best features of past programs…..ready for it??

I really like that the basis of all 3 plans is Zero Point power house foods, and that WW recognizes while zero, they need to be eaten in moderation.


For those who loved Points+ this program is for you!

You will have the highest daily Smartpoints value on this program with the lowest available Zero Point foods. You mainly get fruits and veggies for free but everything else has a Smartpoints value.


For those who love WW Freestyle and do not want to change a thing, then, this is the program for you.

This is the same program Weight Watchers has had in place the past 2 years so keep on keeping on if your happy with your results to date.


If you were/are a fan of Core or Simply Filling then this is the program for you! Not sure what that program was back in the day then – check out my Simply Filling Technique on this post.

You will have the smallest daily Smartpoints target but so many zero point foods you can use to build your daily.

Hello Zero Point brown rice, while wheat pastas, oatmeal, potatoes and sweet potatoes….my heart literally beats a bit faster just saying that ?

Depending on the plan your on, you will have a different Smartpoints value for all foods / recipes.

The WW App is “supposed” to know this and will recalculate all recipes including the ones you’ve added depending on your plan color. The Barcode Scanner is being updated as well to reflect the points per plan.

Your MyWW Book contains some cool features to help you get started out on each plan successfully.

Bleh to cauliflower (you are not my hero!) But, Helllooo Build A Meal.

BTW, I’ve made this Shrimp Recipe and it’s so good!

Flavor Boosters for people like me who ‘need’ fun stuff in their salads to umm, well, eat a salad.

I love the fact that they give you 5 day menu plans for each color to follow. This can be helpful to newbies or those who need a reset for a week to challenge yourself.

The book contains several Zero Point Heros to give you ideas on how to use them.

Yes, Sweet Potatoes are totally my hero!

There are also several ideas (that are new!) for all meals like this apple sandwich that I’m totally trying soon.

I think the questions section is a bit helpful but based on all the questions in my meeting, it will not be enough.

There is still a focus on moving more with strategies to help you do just that.

The bigger focus though has to do with thinking.

What’s your ‘Why’?

What are your goals?

Let’s think about how you can retrain your brain/mindset.

And, of course, there is a big plug on Connect which is also part of the 2020 Bingo Countdown Challenge.

I love whoever said there are 2 kinds of people….but I might want my margarita with my pizza! ?

Your new weigh in book is huge…as in do not even think you’ll be able to fit it in your purse.

I love the ‘STAR’ goal idea….a nice change from ‘SMART’ goals.

But, honestly, this is just for one weeks weigh in. It’s so much paper and I’m not sure I will fill this in all the time or ever.

A nice idea but…..

I’d much rather tell you all about this fantastic new cookbook they came out with. Ok, yes, it’s true, there are not many cookbooks I can actually pass up but this one is definitely worth the $.

The book is built with all 3 plans in mind so you know the points for each program.

It also covers all dietary needs which is awesome.

There are several helpful tips on eating better, prepping, cooking and making the program work for you.

Not to mention, the photography is amazing. It literally makes me want to try out so many recipes.

I honestly feel very excited about Weight Watchers new plans for 2020. I like the idea of being able to switch things up when you need something different, to challenge yourself or based on what’s going on in your life.

I’d love to hear all your thoughts.

What do you think of the WW Program changes and the 3 new plans?

Night all!



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