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Hi all! How was your weekend? My week was actually fantastic.

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Hi all! How was your weekend? My week was actually fantastic. Before I get into the details, I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you for being so supportive, encouraging and nice on my post last week.

It honestly was a rough week but it really helped to know that I have so many friends out there to help pick me up sharing their experiences too. You all really did make my week much better so thank you for that.

This weekend, I did some chores, but, really focused on having fun. I had a great date with The Husband going to see the movie Hobbs & Shaw on Saturday.

I also had a fantastic ‘me’ day today with a tasty breakfast at the Boon Fly Cafe before heading to the ocean to do a bit of hiking in Pacifica.

It actually started out a big foggy but turned sunny by the time I left. Lunch was at my favorite new place in Pacifica called Breakers. It is located right on the beach and I had a table with a full view of the ocean.

I made us a fast and easy dinner after I got home – BLTAs on San Francisco sourdough bread plus Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Bites (The Husband picked these out). I love that they are only 2 WWFreestyle Smartpoints each.

Daily Snap Recap:


B: 2 eggs over medium, 2 pieces bacon, 1 slice sourdough dry (5 sp)

L: Teriyaki Chicken Salad (4 sp)

S: 2 Tbsp mixed nuts (3 sp)

D: BLTA (1 slice sourdough, 2 pieces real deal bacon, lettuce, tomato, 1/8 mashed avocado) – 6 sp, extra tomato on the side, 3 Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese Bites (6 sp)

24 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints, 15K steps


  • Instant Pot Sloppy Joe’s, Salad
  • WW Shrimp & Butter Bean Salad
  • Instant Pot Taco Bowls
  • Skillet Gnocchi with Chard & Beans
  • BFD

What is on your menu this week?

Night all!



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