Best Elliptical For Home – 3 Things You Need To Consider BEFORE You Buy!

Best elliptical for home


Trying to find the best elliptical for home? Not sure what you should be looking for?

While there are lots of elliptical buying guides out there that will tell you about stride length and front drive vs rear drive design, this article will break it down to be a bit easier for you.

There are 3 things that most people never consider when shopping for the best elliptical for their home.

But keeping these things in mind will ensure you get the best elliptical for the money – one that you can use happily for years to come.

So here are 3 things you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best elliptical for your home.

#1 What’s Your Goal?

People have different goals when it comes to working out. Some people are looking for the best elliptical to help them burn calories and lose weight fast.

Other people want something that’s super-low impact on their joints and knees.

Some people just want a strong, sturdy machine that will help them tone up and get fit slowly over time.

Others just want the best option for a small space like a condo or apartment. In that case, maybe they want a folding elliptical or a more compact machine.

Try to determine your main goal before you go looking for your perfect elliptical – as that will guide you in choosing the best trainer to help you meet that goal.

#2 What are Your Space Considerations?

Footprint is the term used to describe the length and width of the elliptical trainer.

Make sure you know the space you have and the minimum or maximum footprint of the elliptical trainer you can choose based on the space you have.

Another thing to keep in mine is ceiling height.

Most trainers are fine with a standard 8 or 9 foot ceiling, even if you’re around 6 feet or higher.

However if you have a 7 foot ceiling like you find with some basements for example, you’ll have to be more careful, especially if you’re over 6 feet as that can be tricky.

#3 Does the Trainer Give You Room To Grow?

Does the elliptical give you room to grow as your fitness level improves? (And it will!)

So for example, 15 levels of resistance is OK.

But having more resistance levels like 20 or 24 will give you room to grow instead of topping out at the highest level of resistance in a month or two.

And what about built-in workouts? Do you have lots of opportunities to challenge yourself with pre-designed workouts?

Some ellipticals are even putting in high intensity training workouts these days to add more calorie-burning options.

What about entertainment options? Is there an iPod jack?

Are there online tracking options so you can sync your workouts with an app or see how far you’ve come over time?

There are a lot of ways to grow with an elliptical trainer. And asking yourself if there’s room to grow will mean something different to you than it will to someone else.

But by asking this question, it opens you up to considering trainers that can help you – not just now – but for years to come.

So those are 3 considerations when shopping for the best elliptical for home.

Take your time and research your options before you buy. The great news is that ellipticals get better every year and you have some incredible options out there.

So enjoy your journey and ask these 3 questions above – and you’ll get an elliptical that will give you the most impact for your money!